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Alcumus is Art of Problem Solving's Innovative Online Learning System!

ALCUMUS offers students a customized learning experience, adjusting to student performance to deliver appropriate problems and lessons.

Alcumus is specifically designed to provide high-performing students with a challenging curriculum appropriate to their abilities.

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ALEKS...Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces is a Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn't know in a course. Already have an ALEKS account? Log in here:

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· Elementary levels 3-6

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· High school courses through pre-calculus

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· No guessing; students must fill in the blanks

· Priceless practice using online math tools

· Individualized assessment and learning

· Detailed progress monitoring on student mastery

· Quick Tables - Math Fact Mastery Program

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CoolMath Lessons:

Math Playground

Hotmath - All topics - written lesson for each:

Brainpop - some videos are free; password available from media center or by email.

NRICH enriching mathematics

Home Page:

UK Key Stage 3 & 4 = US Grades 6 - 10

UK Key Stage 4 & 5 = US Grades 11 & 12

By Topic:


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - AWESOME:

More Virtual Manipulative sites:


For math games, click here:


Math Literature for Kids:

Pixar in a Box: A collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy. Sponsored by Disney.



Learn to Play Sudoku:


Interactive Mathematics (Applets & Java Programs)

Interactive Mathematics Activities:

Earth Math - Tool Chest - Computation, Instructional, & Experimentation Applets:

The Interactive Library:

Wis-Web Applets - Specializes in Algebra courseware on linearity:

A Gallery of Interactive Geometry:

Algebra & Geometry Activities:

Manipula Math Applet Collections:

Activities from Illuminations including the Isometic Drawing Tool:

Math Tools from the Math Forum:

Mathematics WWW Virtual Library - Florida State University:

Ron Blond's Applets:

M2T2 applet links:

Graph Creator - Choose Bar, Line, Area, Pie, or Coordinate:

Online Tools Organized by Algebra Readiness:

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - AWESOME:

On-line Utilities & Software for Finite Mathematics & Calculus:

Geometry Applet Gallery:

Shodor Education Foundation - Activities:

PBS TeacherLine Interactives:

Online Tools - Scroll Down:

Interactive 15 by 15 Multiplication Table:

Java Applets on Mathematics:


Building Number Sense One Day at a Time:

Cool Math Site of the Week (week):

SuDoKu (day):

Levering's (Monthly) Puzzling & Perplexing Problems:

Mathematicians Who Were Born or Died on this Day (day):

Math Counts Problem of the Week (week):

Problems of the Week (week):

Maze Works - Daily Chess Problem (daily):

Nrich Problem (month):

Set game (day):

Geometry from the Land of the Incas - Choose Quizzes & Puzzles:

AIMS Puzzle Corner:

Ambleside Primary School's Math Quizzes & Puzzles:

Amby's Brain Games & Thinking Enhancers:

Amby's Brain Teasers & Puzzles:

Archimedes Laboratory - Puzzling & Mental Activities:

The Puzzling World of Barry R. Clarke - Brainteasers & Puzzles:

Planetarium - A Story-Puzzle:

A Very Cool Type of Online Jigsaw Puzzle:

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany & Puzzles - Scroll Down:

Cyberkids Brain Teasers:

A Lifetime's Supply of Cryptarithms:

A Magic Square using the numbers 0-15 -

"In this puzzle the goal is to have the total of each row and column

to be equal to 30. Click on a piece to pick it up and click again to drop it.":

Jo Edkin's Maze Page:

I Love Maths:

Jig Saw Doku - Just like Sudoku, but it only uses 1-6

in each rectangle instead of 1-9:

Jig Zones Jigsaw Puzzles -

Including Disney Puzzles - Choose 6 to 247 pieces:

Math Puzzlers:

Puzzles from the Exhibitionists:

The Triangle Puzzle:

Operations Research Puzzles; Logic Puzzles; Probability Puzzles;

Counting Puzzles; Decypher; Puzzle Links; German Puzzle Links;

Math Puzzle Magazines; Arithmetical & Analytic Puzzles;

Floor & Ceiling Puzzles; Whole Number Puzzles;

Mechanical Puzzles (Jumping, Moving, Sliding Puzzles); Packing,

Covering, & Dissecting; Geometric Puzzles; Topological Puzzles;

Information Puzzles; Mathematical Competitions; Puzzle Contest;

Combinatorial Puzzles; Algebra Puzzles; Lateral Thinking Puzzles; Other Puzzles:

The Math Forum - Number Puzzles, Math Line Puzzles, Critical Thinking Puzzles, & an archive of questions & answers that may be of interest to puzzle enthusiasts:

Math Puzzles & Games - just keeping scrolling for many options:

Math is Fun – Puzzles:

Maths Net Puzzles - includes an Acronym Puzzle:

Math Puzzles:

MazeWorks - English 16, Fiver, Peg Solitaire, Sliders, Tower of Hanoi, & MazeGen:

Puzzles & Problems:

Mount Everest Math Puzzles:

Brain Teasers from PedagoNet:

Puzzle Baron - website options:

An entire site of puzzles - Puzzle Playground is great:

The Ultimate Puzzle Site:

Puzzle Parlor menu:

Brain Teasers & Puzzles:

Nick's Mathematical Puzzles:

Samurai Sudoku - Five over-lapping Sudoku grids:

Brain Boosters - Categorized Archives -

Catagorization, Lateral Thinking, Logic, Number & Math Play,

Reasoning, Spatial Awareness, & Word & Letter Play:

Math Puzzles for Kids - Jigsaw Puzzles - Scroll Down:

Melting-Pot Math – Scroll down for problems & countries:

Internet Math Challenge Puzzles:

Sudoku - online version - check progress option -

can choose to put two numbers in a square until you're sure which one is correct -

easy, medium, hard, or evil levels:

Interactive Fun Puzzles:

Donald Duck in MathMagicLand (30 min):

Brainpop Math Movies:


A Series of Articles, One Per Month, Explaining the Math in a News Article -

Author is Mathematician John Allan Paulos:

A History of Teaching Math in the U.S.

Mathematical Puzzles in Fantasy Games:

Fermat's Last Tango – A Musical about Mathematics:

Geometry in Art & Architecture:

Native American Geometry:

History Topics Index -

Mathematics in Various Cultures & Mathematical Topics:

Index of Biographies of Mathematicians:

Shapes that Tessellate:

Optical Illusions:

MathApplications – Real Applications of Real Mathematics -

Registration not Required to Browse:

Mathematical Association of America – Career Profiles:

Platonic Realms Minitexts – Scroll down for The History of Infinity:

Math Quotes – Browse by Topic, Author, or Phrase:

Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics:

PI Day:

Online Mathematics Texts:

Mudd Math Fun Facts:

The Mathematics of Cartography:

Math Mistakes Website -

"A site dedicated to the listing of mathematical mistakes made

over and over by advertisers, the media, reporters, politicians,

activists, and in general many non-math people.":

The Erdos Number Project – Based on the work of mathematician Paul Erdos:

Tutorial - An Introduction to the Works of Euclid with an Emphasis on the Elements:

Plus Magazine ... Living Mathematics:

Mathematical Constants by Steven R. Finch:

Building Big - Geometry in Action:

NOVA Archive - Math & Physics:

Fermat's Last Theorem & Andrew Wiles:

A Walk Through Time –

The Evolution of Time Measurement Through the Ages:

Article – The Magical Mathematics of Music:

The Dance of Chance:

The History of Mathematical Symbols:


Mathematical Snippets:

Mathematics on The Simpsons: – The Unsolvable Math Problem:

The Periodic Table of Mathematicians:

Famous Curves Index -

Click on the name of a curve (astroid, bicorn, cardiod, etc.)

to see its history & some of its associated curves:

Three Skills for Algebra:

World of Escher – Choose Gallery or Reading:

Math in the Movies:

Numbers in over 5000 languages:

Cool Math Things to Learn

Ye Olde Compass Rose:

History of Mathematics - Chronological List of Mathematicians:

Mathematical Moments:

Mathematical Quilt Gallery:

The Rotating Number:

Fantastic Math Tricks for Mental Multiplication:

Facts about Numbers:

Argyll Centre - Just Keep Scrolling & Scrolling to see all the choices:

Border's Chess Club - The Knight's Tour –

Don't miss the link From Knight Moves to Primes:


Space Math:

Math Museum - Click on the door to go in:

Patterns Possibilities:

Math Topics:

Abacus – The Art of Calculating with Beads & A Brief History:

Egyptian Math:

The Mathematics of Rainbows:

The Topological Zoo:

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archives:

How UPC Bar Codes Work:

Geometry in Action:

The Geometry Junkyard:

SMILE Program Mathematics Index -

"a collection of almost 200 single concept lessons":

Finding the Weight of Stars:

Mayan Math:

Speed arithmetic – multiplying by 11:

Middle School (& More) Links plus power-point presentations:

Jim Loy's Mathematics Page:

ASCII Chart & Other Resources:

Pixar in a Box: A collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy. Sponsored by Disney:

Scroll Down for Ham Radio Links:

Chess Tutorial:

Knot Theory:

An Introduction to Chaos Theory:

Stereograms - "a COOL application of Geometry":

Quilt Geometry (scroll down):

Over 500 mental calculation shortcuts to Beat the Calculator:


Always End With 1089:

Maths for Europe - Hyperlinks to Mathematical Works:

Magic Squares plus links:

Chess Club:

An Introduction to the Continued Fraction:

Egyptian Fractions:

Perpetual Calendar:

Enquiring Into Number Things:

Metric Conversions:

Morse Code Translator:

Roman Numerals 101:


PBS Index of Programs Shown on WGVU TV 35 & TV 52:

Plane Math - Activities for Students are Divided into Three Catagories -

Appying Flying, Pioneer Plane, & PlaneMath Enterprises:

Smithsonian National Postal Museum - Decode the Barcode:

Mathematical Snippets –

Pythagorean Theorem, Archimedes Tombstone, the Mobius Strip,

the Koch Snowflake Curve, Plateau's Problem, & Counting to Infinity:

The Simpsons:

Abacus - history and directions:

Erich's Packing Center -

Triangles in Squares, Circles in Hexagons, etc.:

World Clock – Time Zones:

Morse Code Converter - Morse to Text or Text to Morse:

Tangram Movie:

A Dictionary of Units of Measurement:

U Seek, U Find – Math Webquest:

Xah's Home Page - Index:

Cool Math Things to Do

Online Activities Links (not just math):

Build a Lego Abacus:

Play a Piano with Your Mouse or Keyboard - See & Hear the Wave Forms -

Play Your Own Song or Choose a Song for the Piano to Play:

Train Set for the Jet Set - "This Java applet allows you to construct a train set

within this web page, and to run the train around the track.":

Build a Snowman - An Artist Adventure! - "Dress the snowman by moving

the clothing and other accessories onto him.":

"This document consists of the collection of handouts for a two-week

summer workshop entitled 'Geometry and the Imagination":

Virtual Reality Polyhedra:

Hunkin's Experiments:

Math Ideas for Science Fair Projects:

Math-Kitecture - Make a Floor Plan & See Geometry in Architecture:

LOGO Programming:

Crack the Magic Code:

Activity & Practice - Participate in an Archeology Dig - High School:

The Tour de Math - "This game is a test of your math skills.":

BitShifters - Read the Instructions, then Find the Hidden 3D-Object:

Basketball Explorations:

Hexagonal Tiles:

Spirograph - Choose circle radius, revolutions in radians, etc.:

Waldo's Interactive Maths Pages:

Spirograph - 7 sliders without labels change the shape:

Math Careers

Mathematical Sciences Career Information:

About Careers in Statistics:

Be An Actuary - A Career Without Boundaries:

If You Are Good at Math, then Look at These Possible Careers:

Careers in Mathematics... :

Jobs that Use Geometry:

Jobs for Mathematicians:

Map-related Careers:

Why Choose a Math-Related Profession?

Ohio Math Works - An Interactive, Multimedia Program

for 7th, 8th, & 9th Grade Students That Links Mathematics with Careers:

Careers with Maths Library:

What can I do with a Degree in Mathematics?

Introduction to the Math in Careers Database - Lite Version lists the most common

jobs & is more appropriate for grades 5 & under - Search by Math Topic will allow

you to select a math topic to find out what jobs require it. - Search by Jobs will allow

you to select a job to find out what topics it requires:

Math Humor

Geometry from the Land of the Incas -

Under quizzes, Choose Geometry Jokes:

Math Jokes:

Math Jokes:

Math Cartoons - Frank & Ernest, Calvin & Hobbes,

Shoe, Peanuts, etc., scanned for on-line viewing:

Dan's Math - Jokes & Riddles:

CSU Maths Jokes Page:

I Love Maths:

Gallery of Statistics Jokes:

Math Jokes & Archimedes:

Statistics Jokes:

Top Ten Reasons For Learning Math

You Think You're Never Going to Need:

Math Cartoons by Ken Kaminsky:

Ingo Melzer's Favorite Math Jokes:

Four Math Cartoons by Randy Glasbergen:

Mathematical Humor:

Jokes for Mathematics Teachers:

Teacher Humor:

Math/Science/Computer Jokes:

Profession Jokes - Mathematicians:

Math Poems and Songs

BBC - Number Time Songs - Sign of the Plus & Sign of the Minus introduce

those signs - Bottles of Pop introduces the number line from 1 "all the way to 99":

Richard Zucker's Collection of Math Songs - Choose wav or mp3:

Multiplication Rock – lyrics & songs:

Musical Mouseum – Lyrics (& sometimes music) for Songs that Teach -

Not just math, but many for counting:

Sing about Science & Math:

Music for Teaching Math - Commercial Site - Sound Clips for songs with * -

lyrics available for most - Categories: Early Number & Counting Skills,

Multiplication & Division Tables, Addition & Subtraction, Miscellaneaous Math Songs,

& Teaching Advanced Math, Algebra, & Geometry:

Money Management

Adventures in Education -

The Premier Source of College & Career Planning Information:

When will you be debt free? calculator -

choose minimum payments, fixed payments,

or choose a date to find the amount needed per month:

Financial Peace University -

Read Financial Articles We Did It!, Stupid Tax,

Financial Tools (Mortgage Calculator, Investment Calculator, & Quickie Budget),

Real Estate Tools, & Financial Peace for the Next Generation with Free Video Previews.

American Currency Exhibit:

AAA Fuel Cost Calculator - Calculate the Estimated Fuel Cost of Your Trip:

Compare the Annual Fuel Cost and Miles per Gallon of Different Cars:

Hands-on Banking - Money skills you need for life:

Earning Money Quiz:

Borrowing Money - Interactive Activity with Questions:

It All Adds Up -

"A site for teens who want to get a head start on their financial future.

Play online games and simulations to learn about credit management,

buying a car, paying for college, budgeting, saving and investing.":

Tutorial & Activity -

Compound Interest & Calculators (don't miss the give-it-up-to-get-rich calculator):

Kelley Blue Book - New Car Pricing, Used Car Values:

Investing for Kids:

Savings Calculator -

enter number of years, percent of interest earned, initial balance,

& monthly contribution to find final balance:

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial Literacy Resources for Parents:

Financial Literacy Books for Kids ages 4 to 8:

U Buy A Car:


Top10 Home-Buying Mistakes; Use the Mortgage Calculator:

Financial Literacy Links: General Financial Literacy Information,

Financial Literacy for Consumers, Financial Literacy for Children,

Financial Literacy for Adults & College Students,

& Financial Literacy Tools for Educators:

Practical Money Skills for Life -

Classroom resources for financial literacy education -

Home-based financial literacy for adults, parents, & children -

Financial management tools for small businesses -

Includes games & a banking tutor -

Calculators available include My Budget Planner, Save a Million,

Rework Budget, Entertainment Planner, Travel Wizard, Retirement,

Credit Card, Loan, Gift Log, Holidays - How Much Should You Spend?,

Auto Loan, Save for College, Mortgage, Back to School Budgeting,

& Budgeting for Baby:

The Mint – It Makes Cents:

Choose Any of these Lessons:

How to Set up a Budget, How to Use a Calculator,

Is Paying Over Time a Smart Move?, Keeping the Books,

Making Decisions About Money, Mortgage Basics, Pricing a Job,

Reading a Pay Stub, Savings & Retirement, Understanding Interest,

or Using Credit Cards Wisely:

More Math Resources to Explore

Problems with a Point:

Federal Registry for Educational Excellence - Math:

Wolfram Library Archive:

Martindale's Virtual Mathematics Center:

The Mathematical Atlas:

Abstract Algebra On Line:

Catalog of Mathematics Resources:

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