Fruit Game - At the start of the game, you will see four piles of fruit:

peaches, oranges, lemons, and bananas. The number of fruit in each

pile is different each time you play. The player who takes the last fruit

from the table is the winner:

Alien Tiles - Click on any tile in the array and all tiles in the same row and

column advance by one color in a cycle from red to green to blue to purple

and finally back to red. Starting from all red, your goal is to make every cell

in the puzzle turn all green, blue, or purple in as few moves as possible.:


Peanuts & Cracker Jacks - "The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's interactive baseball game that tests your knowledge of economics and pro sports trivia.":

Castle Mouse 2000 - "The classic game of cat and mouse with a different level every day.":

Maths Zone – An Interactive Role-Play Adventure Game:

Who wants to be a Mathonaire?

Escape from Knab:

Math Baseball:

African Stones Game - Sometimes Called Awari or Mancala:

Catch the Fly & Number Cop:

Factoris - Multiplication Tetris:

Algebra vs. The Cockroaches -

Give the correct equation of the line and kill the cockroaches on that line:

An abacus matching game:

Taxicab Treasure Hunt:

Lemonade Stand - "See how much lemonade you can sell each day.":

The Chaos Game:

Fractalina (Play the Chaos Game first.):

Peg Game:

Magic Squares - Lots of links:

Four 4s Puzzle:

Rubik's Cube:

Chess - tutorials or play against the computer:

Alien Calculator - 6 Levels of Difficulty - Challenging!:

Alien Spreadsheet - 5 Levels of Difficulty:

Hare & Hounds - Choose to play the Hound or the Hare -

Choose Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert:



Peg Puzzle:

Boxcar Blockade - "Can you free the red boxcar?":

Set Game -

SET® cards contain four properties: color, shape, number of objects, and shading.

The rules state for each property, they must all be equal, or all different:

Pixel This!


Tantrix - A Puzzle using Hexagonal Tiles -

Read an Introduction to the Game's Online Version - Scroll Down to "Play Now!":

Tivitz - play online:

Sudoku - online version - check progress option -

can choose to put multiple numbers in a square until you're sure which one is correct -

easy, medium, hard, or evil levels:

Magic Rectangles:

Choose Rush Hour or Harry Potter to Play Quidditch -

scroll down to see the many choices:

A list of more game links:

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