Math Games

Solve Moji Puzzles:

Daily Set Puzzle:


Catch the Fly Number Cop Algebra vs. the Cockroaches Factortris

Mr. Frog needs you to give him the Pick numbers by their divisibility, It's you against the cockroaches Remember Tetris? Here it is with

x, y coordinates for a fly so he can dine! and don't crash into any of them! crawling on your graph paper! a new dimension!

Add/Sub/Multiply/Divide Equivalent Fractions Add/Sub/Multiply/Divide Add/Sub/Multiply/Divide Series of Numbers

Number Lines Order of Operations Calculating Tips Place Value Add/Sub/Multiply/Divide

Area & Perimeter Add/Sub/Multiply/Divide Graphing Points Making Change Factors & Multiples

Squares/Cubes/Square Roots

.... And many more ...

Addition and Subtraction:

Whole Numbers - Addition and Subtraction 36 GAMES

Jet Ski Addition - addition

Island Chase Subtraction - subtraction

Tug Team Addition - addition

Minus Mission - subtraction

Kitten Match - number bonds

Alien Addition - addition

Math Lines 10 - number pairs to 10

Math Lines 20 - number pairs to 20

Number Invaders - addition and subtraction

Ducky Race Subtraction - subtraction

Sailboat Subtraction - subtraction

Number Bonds 30 - addition

Number Bonds 40 - addition

Math Man - addition

Puzzle Pics - addition through 20

Puzzle Pics - subtraction through 20

Puzzle Pics - addition through 100

Puzzle Pics - subtraction through 100

Math Monster - addition

Math Monster - subtraction

Number Bonds II - number facts through 20

Canoe Penguins - 2 digit addition

Zogs and Monsters Addition - addition facts

2048 - doubles

Sum Tracks - number puzzle

Sum Points - number puzzle

Sum Points Levels Pack - number puzzle

Magic Triangle - number puzzle, addition, subtraction

Number Conundrum - addition and subtraction, missing addend

Sum Shapes - addition, missing addends

Finite Moves - number puzzles

Number Trails Addition - addition

Addition Snake - addition

Math Racer Addition - addition

Addition Blocks - addition and number bonds

Sum Links - number puzzles

Multiplication and Division:

Fractions, Decimals, Percent 20 GAMES

Escape Fraction Manor - fractions

Decention - fractions, decimals, %

Number Invaders - percent

Triplets - equivalent fractions

Shopping at Troy's Toys - sale price

Gap Zappers - reasoning with fractions

Math at the Mall 2 - discount, interest, tax

Number Bonds - pairs that make 100, 1

Tug Team Fractions - comparing fractions

Hungry Puppies Decimals - decimal addition

Puppy Pull Decimals - decimal words

Puppy Chase Decimals - change fractions

Number Climb - ordering fractions

Speedway Fractions - adding fractions

Snow Sprint Fractions - multiplying fractions

Number Bond Fractions - make 1 with fractions

Number Bond Decimals - make 1 with decimals

Puzzle Pics Fractions - fractions on a number line

Matching Game - matching fractions and percent

Number Conundrum - addition and subtraction of decimal

Geometry 19 GAMES

Shape Mods - transformations

Project TRIG - angles and velocity

Design a Party - area and perimeter

Alien Angles - angles

Locate the Aliens - coordinates

Spaceboy to the Rescue - coordinates

Building Blocks - 2D geometry

Count the Cubes - 3D volume

Shape Mosiacs - 2D geometry

Geometry Quiz - various geometry topics

Matching Shapes - naming shapes

Finite Moves - geometry puzzle

Area Blocks - area and perimeter

(un)Earthworms - naming and locating coordinates

Kangaroo Hop - recognizing shapes

Rainbow Mechanic - angles

Max Connect 1 - angles

Max Connect 2 - angles

Reflect and Rotate - reflections and rotations

Ratio Games

Ratio Stadium

Dirt Bike Proportions

Ratio Martian

Ratio Blaster

Prealgebra 22 GAMES

Scale Factor X - ratio and proportion

Ratio Stadium - equal ratios

Dirt Bike Proportions - solving proportions

Ratio Blaster - equal ratios

Ratio Martian - equal ratios

The X Detectives - prealgebra concepts

Weigh the Wangdoodles - visual equations

Algebra Game - visual equations

Algebraic Reasoning - visual equations

Save the Zogs - graphing linear equations

Shuttle Mission Math - algebraic thinking

Orbit Integers - integer addition

Spider Match - integer addition

Number Flowers - addition of integers

Integer Warp - integer multiplication

Number Balls - ordering signed numbers

Otter Rush - exponent expressions

Swimming Otters - variable expressions

Integer Number Bonds - combining integers

Math Lines Integers - combining integers

Number Trails Integers - combining integers

Number Conundrum - addition and subtraction of integers

Logic Games, Problem Solving, Thinking Puzzles:

Logic Games 2, Problem-Solving, Thinking Puzzles:

Logic and Spatial Reasoning 209 GAMES


Real World Math 10 GAMES

Doodles - art and math

Game Pro - right triangles

Wheelworks - gear ratios

Sweet Treat Cafe - running a cafe

Space Logic - programming

Builders, Inc - area and perimeter

Adventure Rides - slope

Trigon Studios - trig animation

SpiroMath - art and math

Equation Creations - art and math

Dolphin Racing Fraction of Compare Compare Fractions Find Percent

Fractions Something Game Fractions & Percents of a Number

.... And many more ....

Airlines Builder Bianca's Painting Party Can't Wait Melvin's Make a Match Mission Magnetite Number Sense

Area & Perimeter Ratio & Proportion to Tessellate Equivalent Fractions Percents and Fractions Place Value

And more more .....

Sleuths on the Loose Star-Gazing Stop that Creature Stop the Machine Stop the Pop

Proportions Angle Measures Writing Functions Writing Functions Fractions, Decimals, %

NRICH enriching mathematics

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UK Key Stage 3 & 4 = US Grades 6 - 10

UK Key Stage 4 & 5 = US Grades 11 & 12

Key Stage 3

As with all of our games, players should be armed with a pen and paper to help to plan their strategies and record their findings as they play.

The games are listed in approximate order of difficulty.

Have fun!

Key Stages 4 & 5

As with all of our games, players should be armed with a pen and paper to help to plan their strategies and record their findings as they play.

The games are listed in approximate order of difficulty.

Have fun!

Alternative - Choose topic first, then choose game:

Multiplication games

Composite or Prime number?

Addition and subtraction games

9x Table


Subtraction: e.g. 17 - 8

The games below require the numbers and signs to be moved around to make the correct answer.

Double The Number (2 of 2)

More multiplication games

These are basic math fact games developed for

The challenge is to aim the sight and fire at any of four targets - ideally at the one that shows the correct answer to the multiplication problem!

Adding 3 Numbers (to 10 & to 20)

Making 10 Games

Targeting What Makes 10

And this addition and subtraction game mixes up numbers and signs for a slightly different challenge

Math games by the BBC

Below are a number of fun games developed by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and that are featured on their excellent BBC Schools web site.Some of the games use British terms and money but they are still very useful for people from other countries. Jolly Good!

9 times table (9 x 1 to 9 x 12)

Build the answer

These multiplication games require the "magnets" to be moved to make the correct answer.


Ordering Numbers Math Game (from the BBC Skillwise site).

Note: All the above BBC Math games remain copyright BBC.

Other Math Games

2 to 9 times tables (20 questions)

Algebra Games


Our math games are multimedia activities designed to make learning fun. Our games are unique and engaging, with animations designed to teach specific math concepts. All of our games require Adobe Flash Player, and most use sound, so turn on your speakers for the coolest game experience!


This animation uses string to show the circumference of a circle. Kids will see why circumference is measured in linear units.


Want to dance your decimal? This animation shows students how to multiply decimals and then place the decimal point!


Find all prime factors of composite number with our factor tree game. Different trees can be generated for the same composite number.


Have fun testing your knowledge of fractions with game. It includes three levels of difficulty and scoring. It is three games in one.


This animation demonstrates the properties of various quadrilaterals. A Gumby action figure is included.


Integer Football is a unique game that combines integer addition with the plays of a football game. There are two multimedia and two printable games. Come and play in the IFL!


Convert between fractions, decimals and percents the fun way. There are three levels of difficulty, with instant scoring for each. Test your knowledge of conversions.


PEMDAS Goodies is an exciting learning game that lets you test your knowledge of the order of operations. It includes three levels of difficulty and scoring.


This animation uses string to show the perimeter of a rectangle. Watch as perimeter comes alive on your screen!


Want to roll some dice? This game lets you experiment with interactive dice rolls and tracks the sums. It also has an interactive quiz with instant scoring. You can also control the 3D movements of the dice with your mouse! You get three math games in one!

Adding Integers Game

Addition Math Games

Multiplication Math Games

Division Math Games

Place Value Math Games

Subtraction Math Games

Decimal Games

(Brain training bingo)

(Using brackets, BODMAS)

(Division by chunking)

(Give a car simple directions)

(Ordering fractions, equivalent)

(Rotation challenge)

(the Grid Multiplication method)

(Grid coordinates)

(11 to 19 times tables)

(Times table skills and assessment)

(Long Division traditional method)

(Long Multiplication)

(Understanding subtraction)

(Times table racing game)

(Degrees in a circle)

(Short Multiplication)

(Using tally marks to record data)

(2x Tangram puzzles)

The Games So Far...

3D Boxes Calculate how many cubes you need to make the different 3D shapes shown.

Algebra Crossnumber Solve this crossnumber by finding out what values x and y represent.

Angle Estimator Decide which angle is the same as the one drawn by the computer.

Build a Bug Speed arithmetic on the four rules of number - correct answers result in different bits of a bug being put together.

Colour Quiz Answer simple addition questions. Colour the picture in by answering them correctly.

Crossnumber Add together the 5-digit numbers to complete the crossnumber puzzle.

Decimal Challenge Guess the decimal number between 0 and 10 that has been chosen. Guesses are recorded and a numberline is drawn.

Equivalent Fractions Enter the correct numbers into the boxes to make a series of equivalent fractions.

Find the Factors You have 15 seconds to find all the factors of the number given.

Fraction Switch Put the sequence of fractions into ascending order by switching them round.

Mathematical Hangman A hangman game that tests your knowledge of common arithmetic terms.

Number Maze Move around the maze collecting numbers and operators to make a total of 100 as quickly as you can.

Odd One Out Find the odd one out of the four arithmetic questions

Pick Discs Click on the discs to beat the computer. The last one to click on a disc wins!

Pie Test Estimate the size of the sector of the pie chart which has been shaded yellow..

Projectile Fire the cannon to hit the target - trial and error fun!

Scales Move the pointer to match the decimal number given to you.

Sequences Work out the 4th 5th 10th 20th and nth terms in a number sequence.

Shade Shade in the correct number of regions to equal the fraction given.

Sock Push the green blocks into the holes to make the target number.

Substitution Substitute numbers for letters to evaluate the expressions.

Switch Put the sequence of decimal numbers into ascending order by switching them round.

TableTimes Simple multiplication quiz. See how quickly you can answer 10 qustions in a row correctly.

Up to One Find the third fraction which when added to the two shown will bring their total to one whole.

NRICH enriching mathematics

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UK Key Stage 1 = US Grades 1 & 2

UK Key Stage 2 = US Grades 3, 4 & 5

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