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Arcademic Skill Builders:

BBC Games:

BuzzMath, subscription optional:

Catchup Math Games:



Math Playground:

Sumdog (Ask for your teacher for your username and password):



Oswego Schools:

Mind Games:

Math & Reading Help:

Abiator's Games Index:

DimensionU (subscription required; ask your teacher for information):

A+ Math Games:

Archimedes' Laboratory:

BBC Games:

BBC – Games with Whole Numbers:

Brain Bashers - Choose Puzzles, Games, Illusions, or Logic Games:

Math Games -

Counting & Patterns; Flash Card Facts; Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide;

Order of Operations; Algebra; Graphing; Exponents; Fractions; Decimals;

Integers; Telling Time; Money; Probability; Geometry:


Cool Math 4 Kids:

Count-On Games:

Interactive Math Activities -

Choose Combinatorial Games or Puzzles & Games:

Reken Web Games:

Fun Brain Games - sort by grade or age:

The Game Zone by Glencoe - The McGraw-Hill Companies:

Catch the Fly, Number Cop, Algebra vs. the Cockroaches, & Factortris:

ICT Numeracy games -

Number Facts; Counting; Bridging Through 10; Time; Shapes & Measures;

More/Less; Multiplication & Rounding; Money; Addition; Subtraction;

Odd & Even; Place Value; Doubles; Equivalence: – up to 6th grade – Has Advertisements:

Math Cats:

Math is Fun – Games Menu:

Math Playground:

Cynthia Lanius - Fun Games that are really Math Lessons:

MazeWorks - Hare & Hounds, Hex7, TaxTix, & Triplets:

Mathematical Challenges (Interactive), Problems, Games,

Puzzles, & LOGOland:

Cyberchase - Games Central:

Primary Games - Click "next page" for More Games:

Prongo Games - Choose Ages 3-6, 6-9, or 9-12:

Regents Prep Interactive Games for Algebra:

Oswego City School District's online games:

Elementary Math Games - Addition Games, Subtraction Games, Multiplication Games,

Order Numbers, Money Games, Dogs Counting, Maths Puzzles:

Middle School Math Games - Fraction Games, Estimation by Rounding,

Order of Operations, Order Integers, Circle Graphs, Predictions, Line Graphs,

Patterns Games, Percent Estimation, Money Games:

Games for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Mixed Operations,

Fractions, Decimals, Place Value, Telling Time, Money, Early Math, Measurement,

Algebra, Integers, & Number Ball Games:

Slider Math – Sequenced Math Games – Begin at Your Level

& Build Confidence:

Math Hangman, Mathionaire, Higher or Lower?, Countdown, Math Wordsearch,

Decanting Puzzle (the classic jugs problem), Jigsaw, Broken Calculator, Matching,

Hexagons, Rush Hour - Includes links to Copy Cat, Dots & Boxes, & The Weakest Link:

SuperKids Games of Logic & Reasoning:

Math Maven - Pick a Mystery:

Maths Stuff:

Most Popular Mathematical Recreations:

Choose Maths Skills, Memory Skills, or Logic Skills Games:

Games - Up to Ten (Ages 6 to 10):

Visual Fractions:

Game Arcade - Sorted into Number & Operations, Algebra, Geometry,

Measurement, & Data Analysis & Probability:

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